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2014 Retrospectives by CX Leaders

December 4, 2014

Important Revelations from CX Success Stories

Forrester recently released the 2014 list of firms with the best Customer Experience (CX) scores across a dozen industries ( Institutions might want to learn what these companies have done to give their customer great experiences because their winning feats on CX could be repeatable by numerous businesses in many industries. The best part is that an organization may be able to learn from these lessons, and implement only those CX efforts that align well with their own business strategy, culture, or capabilities.

Forrester 2014 CXi Results

Industry Segment #1 Business
Airlines Southwest
Banks USAA
Consumer Electronics Amazon
Credit Card Providers USAA
Health Insurance Providers Kaiser
Hotels Courtyard Marriott
Insurance Providers USAA
Internet Service Providers AOL
Investment Firms Ameriprise Financial
Rental Car Providers National
Retailers Old Navy
Package Delivery Services UPS
TV Service Providers Dish Network / EchoStar
Wireless Service Providers Verizon Wireless


Strategies and Implementations by the 2014 Forrester CX Laureates

Below are the focus areas and their apparatuses by the 2014 Forrester CX champions:

  • Corporate Mission: The importance of rendering superb client experience is elevated to the highest level so that the entire company is driven to achieve this goal. This is one of several primary undertakings that helped USAA to win the top CX medals in three industries. To accomplish this target, USAA dedicated a fully empowered VP to ensure that their CX initiatives and actions will not take the back seat to other considerations like revenue and profit.
  • Customer Convenience: With regard to minimizing customer troubles, Amazon is definitely among the most accomplished. It has created a celebrated user-friendly website with 1-click shopping, it also offers no-hassle return, free shipping options, and frustration-free packaging to ease customers at every conceivable way. National Car Rental recognized that availability is key to customer satisfaction and loyalty, and offered 24/7/365 toll-free to help their clients in all rental matters. USAA minimized caller wait time by hiring enough representatives to staff their toll-free call center. Southwest Airline focused on simplicity of their fee structure by refraining from charging extra fee on things that other airlines have been levying as standard practice; for example, it is one of only two airlines that do not charge checked bags for domestic flights in the United States.
  • Knowing The Customers: USAA trusted that employees who truly understand the patrons would serve them better. To live by this credence, USAA employs at least a quarter of their workforce from current or previous military families so that their workers can better understand the clients’ needs and emotions. National Car Rental emphasized on customer involvements especially when they create new programs. Their executives habitually ask their program managers to verify if they have already sought inputs from the customer community. Furthermore, they engaged their pertinent client group multiple times during a relevant program’s life cycle to ensure that the program will be continually influenced and shaped by their constituents.
  • Employee Motivation: Southwest Airline believes that happy employees make happy customers. In order to foster job satisfaction, Southwest CEO regularly and publicly praises any employee who went the extra mile on CX matters by means of monthly published flight magazines, recognitions and awards, and internal memos. Costco pays their employees livable salaries instead of minimum wages so that their staffs not only work longer tenures than their competitors, but also are more content at work.
  • Little Things Matter: Discounting is Old Navy’s primary instrument to drive for exceptional customer experience. They hand out discount coupons to customers via various means, and to ensure the success of their discount programs, they email/mail their discount coupons just before major sales events or holiday seasons to be as timely to their prospects as possible. Courtyard Marriott cultivates customer care by replicating any site’s successful maneuver to all other locales. For example, customer pleasing deeds like providing baked cookies in the reception hall and daily checking on their guests’ well beings and comfort have been promoted throughout its chain.


Whether rolling out a set of never-used CX adaptations will advance a firm’s customer experience is no longer a trial and error operation. The leading exertions manifested by Forrester’s 2014 top CX leaders across a dozen industries have been dissected to incite aspiring CX professionals to replicate their winning CX mechanisms to attain desirable CX betterments. As well, corporations are assured that they are not required to engage in every single successful CX pursuit, instead they only need to elect and excel at those proven operations that are most pertinent to their company strategies, culture, and ability to enhance customer gratification.