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Get Involved! – Chapter Volunteer Benefits

Get Involved!
  • Show your commitment to the Outsourcing and Customer Experience profession and to the integration of Service Management in other professions
  • Prove your integrity by pledging to abide by the Ethical Principles and Code of Ethics
  • Apply to become an Registered SD, on your way to Certification
  • Apply for certification as a Service Director (Foundation), Service Director (Practitioner), Service Director (Expert) and Service Director (Master)
  • Retain status, once you have achieved it, upon completion of annual Learning Agreement and maintenance of annual contribution to the community
  • List your name, credentials and contact details in our Find a SD Directory


Tools and Training to Enhance Your Expertise

  • Get your copy of the Masteries E-book and Note Sheet
  • Free member benefit Path to Mastery study groups
  • Read expert articles available in our “members only” section as seen in the Voice
  • Free copy of the Sharing the Certification Journey E-Book for members
  • Discount on all the books published by all the Executive-Careers communities.

Assessment Tools for Service Directors

  • Deep discounts on Angel Berniz Assessments for Career and Executive Coaching

Other Discounts

  • We will include here great discounts for Chapter volunteers


Get Involved, Build Your Outsourcing and Customer Experience Practice and Make a Difference

  • Join or start a local Chapter, to practice with other Service Directors and support Outsourcing and Customer Experience development
  • Connect with other experienced Service Directors worldwide, learn and develop your leadership and communication skills, in a supportive community of Service Directors through volunteer opportunities with the
  • Work together to promote the profession and practice of Outsourcing and Customer Experience by volunteering with the (login to the members area to see the volunteer opportunity)