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Customer Service as a Strategic Differential Value (HostGator Case Study)

February 25, 2014

In the Web Hosting market, there are many hosting providers.

Most of them have built their services over the same large data center in USA. This is the case of JustHost, HostMonster, BlueHost, Hostgator, etc.

So, in this case when technology, infrastructure quality, availability, etc. are all the same, for customers, what is the deciding factor in making their choice?

Obviously, the answer is Customer Service. Of course there is the price component, but as technology is the same, also prices are more or less similar.

The customers know that the price will be paid only once (it doesn’t matter if we have to pay one or two dollar more). But Customer Service is the real guarantee for them to solve their potential every day problems.

So, if Customer Service is the most important strategic asset for a Business, does it make sense that JustHost has outsourced their Customer Service? Big mistake!

Customer Service is the real doctor regarding your business health and knows if customers are having (or not) problems with your service.

Customer Service also has the opporunity to over-deliver quality in the resolution of problems, and mitigate customer’s disatisfaction by transforming it into Customer Loyalty.
How can a company outsource a key strategic value like this?

But this is not only the case of JustHost. We see every day many companies that the outsource the function of Customer Service based in costs magnitudes.

The fast is that Customer Service is the image (your face) of your company torwards the public.

This point it seems to be very clear for HostGator.

They have built their company around Customer Service. Everytime you ask for their help, they provide you with quality Customer Service. My purpose is not sponsor them, this is simply my experience in that now I am analysing from a Customer Experience view and showing it as a Case Study on Customer Service.

What is your best experience with Customer Service?

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