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Chi-Pong Wong, SD Of The Year by ServiceDirectors.Org


Last 22th of December ServiceDirectors.Org published its world-renowned annual Award Winners, based on contributions by our SD Experts and how much of impact it has created to the Community. 

Chi-Pong Wong (New York, USA) was recognized as the SD Of The Year 2013 by ServiceDirectors.Org by its great contributions to the Community during all the year 2013.

Today angelberniz interviews to Chi-Pong Wong for learning a bit more about the views and insights from this great Service Management influencer and visionary.

Q: First congratulations Chi-Pong Wong for your ‘SD Of The Year’ Award. What do you think were the most relevant Service evolutions for SDs in 2013?
A: More and more businesses have emphasized their focus on Customer Satisfaction in their marketing campaigns, but many of them actually were paying lip service with no additional investment to improve their service quality. But increased awareness of customer satisfaction being important is on the right track for both the consumers and the businesses.

Q: What do you think are the new challenges in Customer Satisfaction for 2014? What can we expect in 2014 with regards to Customer Experience?
A: There is still a big disconnect between customer lip service and real customer service. The former has no beef and can not sustain any real test. The challenge is to get more corporations to believing in and driving for the latter.

Q: What are your plans for this coming year with regards to Customer Experience?
A: I have written about the importance of service DNA, end-to-end Customer Satisfaction, triggering customer emotions, and turning complaints into loyalty recently. I see the main failure for most corporations in this domain can be tie to their lack of customer-centric DNA and I probably will suggest ways to nurture such culture.

Q: What is your best advice for a newbie Service Director?
A: Always remember that your service managers learn from you. They model your service attitude and behaviors when they pass down to their Service Managers who face customers directly. To build a customer-first service, think and act like you are at the frontline. Do not relax. 

Q: What would be your best advice for a Service Executive?
A: Delivering great customer satisfaction consistently can only be achieved by a corporation with a customer-centric DNA. Having a few Customer Advocates or satisfaction evangelists simply is not enough to drive for consistent service excellence. Nurture a customer-centric DNA should be a primary goal for Service Executives.

Again congratulations Chi-Pong for your ‘SD Of the Year’ Award and thank your for sharing your knowledge with the Community.
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