The ServiceDirectors.Org community for Trusted and Reputed Service Directors was officially presented at the Nordic Project Zone 2013 summit celebrated in Copenhagen (Denmark).

Angel Berniz was presenting the communities of the International Institute of Executive Careers (IIEC), that include:

Being the facilitator of a “Birds of a Feather” discussion group about ”Assessing and Recovering Troubled Projects”, also were analyzed the different types projects and services and discussed the great difference between ones and others, that justify the creation of different professional communities for attending the particular needs of each professionals.

angelberniz was the speaker for a Masterclass on “ISO 21500 Guidance for Project Management”, that included how ISO 21500 differentiates between Projects and Services (operations). 

You can also read the interview by Elizabeth Harrin.

The SD Board is the ServiceDirectors.Org Committee of Experts on Customer Experience & Outsourcing. It is formed by top referent experts globally recognized. The SD Board directs and performs quality control and assurance in the SD-Org community.