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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Service Directors

October 1, 2012
A Service Director should have each of the following 7 habits to be a Highly Effective professional:

1º) Sales Mgmt: a Service Director is responsible for Sales, with regards to selling new Services to new Clients, and also selling more (increasing the scope) to current Clients.So it is very important to know their needs within the first minute, being close to them and pitching the winning proposal.  For this, the Service Director must maintain a Pipeline document to monitor and control all Client needs and the status of all proposals.

2º) Targets Mgmt: a Project Director must establish the targets for all his organization. These targets must be aligned with the company goals. This translation from company goals to organization targets must be very accurate, to make sense when variable salaries will given. Also these targets include decisions to incorporate new technologies (i.e. Cloud Computing, GPS logistics, etc.).
3º) Audits Mgmt: in each Service is going to be required to meet standards – some probably critical to the company (SOX, ISO 9001, ISO 20000, ISO 14000, etc.) or to our Clients (SAS 70, etc). A Service Director must be conscious of the importance of meeting these standards and promoting to achieve new ones, in order to contribute to a more professional Service delivery.
4º) Contracts Mgmt: a Service Director must establish a contracts strategy, giving direction on what activities are going to be insourced and which ones are outsourced to suppliers. Also, decision making of concentrating or segregating contracts will be necessary, depending on the middle and large strategies.
5º) Recruiting Mgmt: a Service Director will also decide the recruiting strategy. He should align languages and mobility requirements to new hires, in order to deploy the new strategies.
6º) Productivity Mgmt: a Service Director needs to have measures of productivity in order to compare all the Services that are being delivered in his organization. For doing this, it will be necessary to standardize some productivity parameters or KPI and use them in all Services, when maintaining others specific to each Service. By comparing different Service Management practices it will be possible to achieve Service excellence.
7º) Transformation Mgmt: the main purpose of a ServiceDirector is to guide to transformational changes in his organization in the direction that his company requires. With all the above (Sales, Targets, Audits, Contracts, Recruiting policies and Productivity measures) the Service Directormust build a Transformation Plan to achieve the Strategic Results critical for the current and future of his organization.


In summary, as you can see these 7 habits are key abilities for I hope to count on all your participation to work in these 7 management keys for High Effective Service Directors.