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The Science of Persuasion

December 6, 2012
A great Service Director must be also a great salesman. The Art of Sales requires being able to use many sales tools:
  • Using the right words at the right time. This means that you need to listen carefully to your customer, before starting to speak. Then build a custom speech based in the information he provided you before.
  • Mirroring to gain familiarity. The idea of this tool is to transmit that you and your customer share the same situation or point of view. Find and match some common points when you can gain familiarity and trust. You understand his problem and also had the same situation before you discovered your service or product. You can’t sell anything that you don’t have tried it before on you. If you sell technology, you need to have implemented that technology in your own organization before go to sell it. Also, you must be Service focussed, you can’t sell a project or product and then leave the customer alone. 
  • Finding win-win solutions. In the previous point you had understood your customer needs, now it is time to Aligning interests. Helping him to find the best option that fits his needs.
  • Persuading him to close the sale: this is the most critical step, if the customer finally don’t buy, you have spent time and mony. The Science of Persuasion will help you to close your deal or sale. The above video will help you to deep into this key point.
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